Managing Director- Trent Fowler

Trent is the founder of CCSNT and now manages the general operations of the business, including tendering and project management.


Communications Manager- Joel Grant

Joel is the Communication Division Manager and has been a co-owner of the business since 2014. He is an expert technician, specialising in copper cabling, fibre optic design & installation, automatic fire detection, IP phone systems, MATV and satellite TV.


Security Manager- Matthew Alexander

Matthew Alexander is our security manager responsible for CCTV system design and installation, access control, security alarm systems and duress alarm system design and installation. He has 12 years of experience in the security/communications industry before moving into a managerial role.


Senior Communications Technician- Peter Gibbett

Peter is our Senior technician and resident specialist in telecommunications including MATV and satellite TV systems. A highly qualified professional with years of experience, he is the go to person for a variety of portable satellite system installation and maintenance.